DnD Maps was created as a quick and convenient place for players to find a map for their campaigns or inspiration for designing their own.

Map Collection

  • For the time being, there are no plans to add maps with spoilers, i.e. maps based on officially released content. This is to ensure that you can safely browse the site without the risk of spoilers
  • If you like a particular map, consider visiting its link and show your support to its creator in its comments
  • DnD Maps claims no ownership of the maps on the site – The ownership lies with the original creators

Filter Descriptions

Grid Type

If at map has either a square or hexagonal grid overlay, they will have the respective filter assigned to them. If there’s no grid overlay, its set to No Grid.


Features are for designating some of the main features of the map and are often manmade-structures. This makes it easier to find for example a map that features specifically a Tavern if that is what you need.

Though a map may contain many features, generally only the most relevant ones will be designated in the filters to keep it simple.


The environment is used to describe the general climate or geographic location. If you are running a campaign that takes place underwater and you want to find an underwater map, the Aquatic environment would help you find just that.

Generally, a map will only have one environment, and almost never more than two. An example of a map with two environments could be a map where half the map is a forest transitioning to a mountain taking up the other half.